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Simple OntOSMX Data-Extraction Demo

Demo Introduction

This demo shows the operation of the new BYU Ontos system ("OntOSMX").

OntOSMX extracts data from Web pages based on a data-extraction ontology written in OSMX, an XML-based representation of the OSM model specification. OntOSMX is written under the modular data-extraction framework developed at BYU, which allows different responsibilities of the extraction process to be handled by easily interchanged code modules. This enables the behavior of the system to be quickly adapted to specific extraction needs, and it also facilitates the development of new algorithms for data extraction, since experimental modules can be plugged in, tested, and quickly removed again without adversely affecting everyone else who uses the system.

This demo is an extremely simple demo of the extraction capabilities of OntOSMX. Choose an HTML page and an ontology, then ask the system to extract the data, and finally view the results.


Alan Wessman