High-Level Data-Extraction Demo
This demo extracts data from a semistructured HTML source using a provided Application Ontology. Using the ontology and the extracted data, a relational database is created and populated.

To run the demo:

  1. Click on Choose HTML and choose a Web page.
  2. Click on Choose Ontology and choose an ontology. Data Extraction Demo Map
  3. Click on Process Ontology. The extracted data will be placed in a database.
  4. Now you can also issue an SQL query on the data from the Query Databaase window.
  5. For a detailed explanation of how the process works, Click on the Detailed Demo link.

    * The demo has been initialized with a default HTML page and application ontology, and the processing for this default has already been done. You may click on any of the page links to view the default HTML page, application, and populated database, without having to execute the extraction process.
View the source of the selected Web Page Click to submit SQL queries to the Populated Database Process Indication View/Alter/Define an Application Ontology

Comments are welcome. Updated Friday March 1, 2002